Can I offer your icons as freebies at my site? I mean, they're free anyway.
No, you may not. Instead, simply provide a link to this site from yours.

I edited one of your icons a lot; you can barely tell it was yours at all. Now can I offer it to others?
No. Though you are completely free to edit these icons as you wish, the base image was still 'cut and paste' by myself. If you showed me said icon then an exception may be made.

What is this site called?
"Icons". One word, that's all. No fancy title like "Eternal Luminesce" or something.

When did you start making icons?
Well, the site was opened the 13th of September 2004, but I honestly couldn't tell you when I started making icons, other than it was several years ago... but what I can assure you of is that I've probably improved little.

Can I request that you make me an icon of ______ ?.
No. I do not take requests. If you desperately need an icon containing a specific person or subject, I suggest you consult one of the various icon communities dotting However, you may suggest a subject, and I shall gladly consider it. To do this you may either email me, or use the form below to enter your desired suggestion.


I have a question that isn't on the FAQ page. Whatever shall I do?
Email me your query & I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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